- About Laboratory of Energy Conversion Systems (ECS Lab.) -

     Humans beings are facing the serious cisis such as "the energy resource depletion" and "the rapid changes in the global environment". To solve these problems, we are studying

  • The energy conversion technology for the sustainable society
  • The ideal social energy systems

Our laboratory is based on thermal engineering in mechanical engineering, especially on heat transfer engineering.

field of research
  • Energy conversion, storage and utilization

    Polymer electrolyte fuel cell, Redox flow battery,
    Lithium air battery, Energy system, Renewable energy

- NEWS -

24th Oct. 2019: We renewed our website

7th Oct. 2013: Themes was updated.

23th Mar. 2011: We renewed our website

15th Feb. 2011: The presentations (The master thesis)

14th Feb. 2011: The presentations (The graduation thesis)

1st Feb. 2011: ECS Lab. appeared in public relations magazines of Hokkaido University.