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- Engineering, Hokkaido University, room A5-21, Sapporo city, 060-8628 JAPAN

Exprerimental, theoretical and computational study on the constitutive law of deformable solids


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Prof. Kazuaki Sasaki retired from Hokudai this spring. The Labo's alumni party was held on Sat. 11th of this March. The pictures are here:

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and more.

HK thanks to co-authors:

Sei Miura, prof emeritus Kyoto U, Kyoto
T Mori, prof emeritus Tokyo Inst Tech, Tokyo
Minoru Taya, prof Univ. Washington, Seattle
Yuanchung Liang, former Research associate U Washignton, Seattle
Taishi Wada, prof. associate Yokohama NU/ Kyoto U
Jan Dutkiewicz, prof Polish Academy of Science, Krakow
Jan Van Humbeeck, prof. KU Leuven, Belgium
Richard Moat, prof The Open University, GB
PJ Withers, prof U Manchester, GB
Takafumi Hosoya, PhD student of Hokkaido U, now at JSW, Muroran
Yohei Yasuda, PhD studnet of Hokkaido U, now at Kanazawa U
Masaharu Tokizane, prof emeritus Ritsumeikan U (gone)
Takashi Koyari, graduate student of Kyoto U, now The Sangi-in Diet member
Tokujiro Yamamoto, prof. Utsunomiya U, Gunma
Yutaka Tottori, graduate student Hokkaido U, now Sapporo city Hall,
Kazuaki Sasaki, prof emeritus Hokkaido U, Sapporo
and many many others